Collecting and Disseminating Accurate and Timely Passenger Information

Real-Time Passenger Information 2016 will bring together Local Authorities, Passenger Transport Executives, Transport Operators, RTPI consultants and systems suppliers to discuss and debate the current revolution in information; best practice in Real-Time Passenger Information implementation; best practice in achieving optimum ROI in Real-Time Passenger Information; and cutting edge examples of 3rd generation RTPI and ticketing systems.

Our landmark Real-Time Passenger Information conference launched just four years ago, in 2012; this year will be the fifth annual event. It’s a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the opportunities and challenges, the continually-evolving demands of passengers, and the innovations taking place around the UK and Europe to meet them.

RTPI 2016 will once again bring together the brightest and best minds in the sector, from politicians to passengers and from software to service managers, to pool their experience and help understand the way ahead for passenger transport.

Topics Include:

Successfully implementing an RTPI system
Assessment of RTPI systems
→ RTPI delivery to smartphones
→ 3rd generation RTPI: Traffic signalling priority
→ Open data – data ownership – who owns the data?
→ The collection and development of data for dissemination to mobile phone devices
→ Integration of passenger information systems with social media platforms
→ How the delivery of personalised passenger information through social media platforms can be a targeted marketing opportunity
→ Strategies to leverage trends in social media
→ How to ensure that you can purchase a ticket at the point of information delivery – rather than in two separate transactions – and in reverse – delivering information to where you purchased the ticket
→ How to best communicate service disruptions
→ Upgrading WIFI capabilities on vehicles to allow efficient and accurate information flow to passengers
→ Developing and enhancing data sharing capabilities across multi-modal transport operators
→ Using smart ticketing (contactless) to supply locational data for information supply; i.e. collecting data when passengers board a bus and reporting the vehicle’s location to the next bus stop so that no additional GSM system is needed


A timely, relevant, thought-provoking day.Well worth the investment and decision to participate
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