Anne Sjögren Schmidt

Traffic Information Manager
MTR Stockholm AB

Anne is a very experienced leader with expertise in people and change management. Her background includes production and manpower planning as well as senior management positions in the airline business. For the last one and a half years she has been the Traffic Information Manager at MTR Stockholm, before moving to her current position as Traffic Area Manager, responsible for all train drivers on one of the three lines in the Stockholm Metro.
She started working at MTR in 2014 and is responsible for all traffic and disturbance information. This is a new and challenging area of reasonability in a world where everyone expects accurate and fast information, both electronic and spoken.
Anne started off her career in the airline business during the 1980’s. She worked as an air hostess for three years before quickly advancing to crew planning and flight scheduling, managing the optimization process of the fleet and the use of slots worldwide. The events of 9/11 in New York started off a period of great changes within SAS and the industry as a whole and a very valuable lesson in change management!

In 2008 she held a senior role as Cabin Crew Manager, with focus on leadership and culture change. For three years she was Head of all Swedish cabin crew.

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