Christian Schang

Operations Director

•    Modernisation of the French railway network : the project
•    Up to date since the law of merging RFF and SNCF voted by the parliament during the summertime.
•    Main targets : a case study : for example Marseille Nice or the Atlantic line
•    Tomorrow : how will the project be implemented shortly

During the political debate in the French parliament about the railway organization in France, RFF, the infrastructure manager and SNCF Infra, the delegate infrastructure manager, have prepared the management plan for the modernization of the French railway network. During the same time, the Regional governments prepared the development policy of the local transport, they are responsible for.

25 main lines were identified and a modernisation plan was elaborated. The cross analysis between this project and the regional demands have permitted the construction of the 25 management plans.
After presenting the project and its organization, the state today, up to date with the last developments, a case study of one of the main routes will provide the audience with a comprehensive view of what an upgrading line project could be. It is important and mostly relevant to integrated all the components of the railway system: civil works, power supply, signalling, telecom and passenger information during the works.

Finally a short overview of the next steps of this huge project will conclude the presentation


Christian Schang is Project Director/Infrastructure Manager at SNCF. Christian graduated as an engineer from École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées [1] in 1995.

He graduated from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers [2], in civil engineering, 1993. He holds a technical diploma in civil engineering (Technological college, IUT Strasbourg) 1982.

Christian SCHANG has accumulated 25 years’ experience in the railway industry in major works, engineering, and engineering strategy and development.

[1] National school of civil engineering

[2] National school of engineering and technology

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