Zeina Nazer (MSc. PE. MBA.) has over 20 years experience in the design, management, operations and performance evaluation of Intelligent Infrastructure Systems in the Middle East, Europe, S.E. Asia and USA. Zeina is passionate in improving the transport systems around the world.

Zeina has contributed to Standards development of ITS in Europe, US, New Zealand and ME and managed the delivery of several advisory services contracts to public sector clients relating to major Transport Master Plans, Public Private Partnership (PPP) and projects (PFI).

After 7 years working in the ITS field in the United States, Zeina moved in 2005 to London, UK to support international projects including leading international consultancy work for M25 Design-Build Integral Demand Management. Zeina also provided technical support to the financial design of New Zealand Toll System project and led the ITS design for the new Dubai/ Abu Dhabi Road in UAE.

Zeina has received her Bachelor of Sciences in Civil Engineering from American University of Beirut in 1998, her MSc. in Transportation Engineering from University of Texas at Austin in 1999 and her MBA from University of Chicago in 2008. Zeina is a Professional Engineer licensed in the USA.

Zeina has authored over 100 papers submitted to international magazines and conferences in USA, MENA, South East Asia, UK and Europe.

Zeina was awarded “Best Business Woman of the Year” at the 8th Middle East Businesswomen and Leaders Achievement Awards, Dubai, UAE in March 2009.

Alex has been Managing Director of the Arriva Rail North franchise since its launch on 1 April 2016.

In this role he is leading the delivery of a £1billion investment programme that will transform Northern and set new standards for service in UK rail.  This will include brand new and thoroughly refurbished trains, more services, improved stations, more capacity and new developments in ticketing and retail technology.

Alex’s appointment followed over two and a half years as Managing Director of the previous Northern franchise, a joint venture between Abellio and Serco.

Having spent his early career as a consultant for Halcrow Fox, Alex worked with the Office of Rail Regulation before joining the Go-Ahead Group in 2005 as Strategic Planning Manager and, in 2007, as Commercial Director at London Midland, and finally, as Managing Director – Rail Development.  Here Alex sat on the Executive Committee and led the development and delivery of Go-Ahead’s rail strategy including all franchise bidding activity.

Alex serves on the Board of The Institution of Railway Operators and North of England Excellence.

He is originally from Manchester and lives in Leeds.


We are facing a spectacular growth in passenger counts, car traffic, data availability, internet speed and computing power while space, money and energy are getting scarcer and scarcer.

Can we make better use of data to be prepared for the future and tackle these challenges?

Undoubtedly, the collection, analysation and interpretation of data already allows for things unimaginable just a few years ago. Prediction of departure and arrival times reach our passengers in real time. We keep passengers posted, when something goes wrong and give them personalised recommendations of alternative travelling routes. Our control centres are as sophisticated as never before and soon machine learning might change fundamentally our business models and society as a whole.

Data has repeatedly been called the gold of the 21st century. But is it really? How does society change when data driven algorithms determine the way we operate and where we are headed? Do we know what we are doing – and even more importantly: do we know why we are doing what we are doing?


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Dominik Grögler studied Experimental Physics at the University of Zurich and wrote his Master’s thesis on the detection of antimatter at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. After working for a few years in IT and web design, Dominik wrote his PhD on voltage gated ion channels at the University of Zurich. From 2010 to 2016, he has been working as Head of Engineering at BERNMOBIL, Bern Switzerland, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of real-time passenger information systems. Dominik has recently started his new job as project manager product development for Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) in Zurich, Switzerland. Amongst his responsibilities will be the further development of the planning and customer information systems and their relevant processes for VBZ.

Gordon has been involved in transport since 1981, having undertaken several public sector roles in both Scotland and England. He is currently Head of Concessionary Travel and Integrated Ticketing at Transport Scotland, and has policy and delivery responsibilities for smart ticketing across all modes of transport in Scotland. He is also a director of ITSO, the interoperable smart ticketing specification.

After Pieter Vermeer finished his studies in International Marketing and Management he started his career at Respond as an account manager. Due to his studies, most of the time Pieter looks at the market from a customer’s perspective, asking questions such as ‘what does the customer need to be successful in their business?’ This has also been the challenge at Respond: how to turn a technical way of thinking into a market way of thinking.

Pieter’s passion is to build long term business relationships in which both parties can grow and be successful by sharing information and knowledge to create solutions and improve business processes. He also aims to understand the demand and be able to translate this into solutions. Pieter always approaches challenges with an open mind and has the ability to see opportunities in the conversations he is having.

Patricia van Caubergh has worked for the Rotterdam Electric Tram company since 2005 at the Marketing, Sales & Services department. As Marketing Communications advisor she was responsible for many marketing campaigns introducing new metro and tram services, a night bus network and many other products of the RET. She was also one of the press officers.

In 2011 Patricia was appointed as Product Manager – Travel Information. She focussed more on customer needs concerning travel information. Apart from monitoring and improving the current travel information processes, her full attention is on improving open data and developing new applications.

Dominik Hanisch joined BERNMOBIL in 2012 and worked on project “Real-time passenger information for the canton of Bern, Switzerland”. He is responsible for the integration and development of products and services for a cheaper, better and standard passenger information. Amongst his responsibilities for the business he takes part in different sorts of Public Transportation Boards, such as “Management Board for Passenger Informations Switzerland” to set and define standards across the public transport of Switzerland. Prior to his engagement in public transport, Dominik worked in the graphic industries and gained his Master in Engineering and Management at TGZ, Zürich (2003) and latter further CAS in Product- and General Management.

Jan-Hoite van Hees completed his Master in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management at the Delft University of Technology in 2009. Since then he joined Dutch Railways as a Project Manager of large IT Projects, the winter readiness program and a strategic timetable study for the dutch main railway concession. In 2011, he was appointed as Head of Operational Management, responsible for customer satisfaction during disruptions for NS Reizigers. This includes calamities such as train collisions and asset failures and also planned infrastructural maintenance activities for which an alternative (Bus) service needs to be planned and managed. He’s also the delegated owner of the emergency procedure handbook.


Speaking at 16.30

Passenger expectations regarding information are continuously increasing and demands to operators are higher during planned and unplanned disruptions.

Copenhagen Metro will be sharing their action plan addressing the problems and issues at the conference.


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Claudio Cassarino has more than 25 years of experience in the Public Transport sector at various senior executive positions in Italy and Denmark. Since 2008 Claudio has served as Managing Director for Metro Service, operator of the award-winning Copenhagen Metro. In recent years, Metro Service has been able to consistently deliver high service availability and impressive customer satisfaction as well as supporting the start-up and mobilization of many newly-built driverless Metros such as Riyadh, Milan, Brescia and Rome. The company is now starting the mobilisation phase for the new Metro line in Copenhagen.

Metro Service is a joint venture between ATM (the largest PT operator in Italy) and Ansaldo STS (the solution provider leader in delivering driverless metros).

Claudio is a member of UITP IT & Innovation Committee and has participated as speaker in many conferences.