GAI- Tronics

GAI-Tronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged specialised communication products and systems to premium markets worldwide. Principal markets are road, rail, commercial, oil and gas, utilities and mining. With a diverse product and system range, from environmental telephones to complete evacuation systems, the GAI-Tronics brand name are well known within the industry/market place for their reliability and performance in hazardous and arduous areas.

GAI-Tronics are able to provide conceptual engineering facilities for the design and manufacture of on-train communications systems.

With considerable experience of telephony, audio and radio transmission technology, we are equipped to supply sophisticated answers to the problems of modern integrated communications systems, particularly when associated with the transport industry.

We provide ‘on-train’ communication systems to meet the needs of modern rail transportation by using standard products or by providing bespoke solutions to meet individual customer needs. The systems described are typical of those currently being produced and developed for applications in the UK and throughout the rest of the world.

GAI-Tronics prides itself on being able to provide a complete service for their customers, from design and manufacture, through installation and commissioning to maintenance and repair.

You can be sure that whatever form communications take in the future, GAI-Tronics will be at the forefront for providing innovative communications solutions.