Global Display Solutions

GDS Technology is the UK part of Global Display Solutions s.r.l headquartered in Italy. The company provides indoor and outdoor display solutions for the transportation, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), industrial and medical markets.

Flagship products, such as the original D6, and Sirius outdoor digital posters using        G-Bond and G+Cloak technologies lead the market for retail and brand promotion.

More than 600,000 GDS optically bonded outdoor display solutions from 5” to 75” have been installed worldwide as street furniture, marine, medical or as public information displays for Intelligent public transport systems.

Working in partnership with E-ink GDS has developed its newest solution called e-Tela which are designed for low power, low maintenance public information requirements where data is only occasionally changed.

GDS’ “Glocal” programme supports Global and Local customers, so come and talk to us about a display solution that best meets your need.