Tracsis consists of three divisions delivering condition monitoring; rail planning, operations and software services and a finally transport survey, market research and data consultancy services. The latter is provided by the Traffic and Data Services division and we are the largest and longest established data collection specialists in the UK.

We utilise the best and most appropriate technology, techniques, skills and experience available to help deliver data solutions.

The technologies we use are specific to the research brief and specialise in electronic data capture which allows us to produce data analytics quickly and efficiently. We create tailored questionnaires for one-to-one interviews, group discussions, both CAPI and PAPI, self-completion questionnaires, online or QR codes.

We have the knowledge required to carry out a broad range of Quantitative & Qualitative research including ticketless travel, smartcard and ticketing use and customer satisfactory surveys. We are members of MRS and adhere to their code of conduct.

Please visit our website for our contact details: Tracsis Traffic and Data Services